About Us

Montana owned and operated, Bank of the Rockies serves some of Montana’s most vibrant and interesting communities, where people are growing their businesses, working their farms and ranches, and raising their children—our next generation of Montanans and Bank of the Rockies customers.

Being a little old-fashioned, we take pride in the traditions of the communities and people we serve and strive to understand the personal, business, and financial challenges that each of our customers face. Because we are locally owned, we want to get to know and work with you—our customer, neighbor, and friend.

At Bank of the Rockies, our employees bring experience and sincerity, creating an atmosphere within each office—White Sulphur Springs, Shields Valley, Paradise Valley, Livingston, Helena, and Lewistown—where customers can feel at home and enjoy a cup of coffee and a good conversation about their overall financial goals.

Although we  have old-fashioned values, we know the conveniences of modern-day banking are vital. We work hard to provide the most up-to-date, efficient, effective services possible—offering our customers access to cutting-edge technology such as online and mobile banking.

Every employee at Bank of the Rockies, as well as owner and Chief Executive Officer, Mike Grove, focuses on putting the customer first and providing exceptional service. We want to make sure your banking experience is all it should be.

For questions or comments about Bank of the Rockies, please contact Mike at (406) 495-1900 / mgrove@bankoftherockies.com.

Mike Grove

Kristin Marshall