Business Manager

Expedite collection of your accounts receivables.

With Bank of the Rockies’ Business Manager Program, your business can benefit from receiving immediate funds for customer invoices. Receiving immediate funding for your receivables provides your business the opportunity to grow, restructure, pay off existing debt, or take advantage of supplier discounts.

How it works. Bank of the Rockies buys your existing receivables at a discounted price and takes over your billing functions. Provide new invoices to Bank of the Rockies and receive immediate cash, less a bank service fee and reserve for delinquent accounts.

Outsourcing your receivables to Bank of the Rockies frees up valuable time, allows you to gain administrative support to manage your receivables without additional staff, and improves cash flow.

Contact a Bank of the Rockies loan representative to learn more about how your business can expedite collection of its accounts receivables with Business Manager!

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