Cash Management Services

Take your Online Banking to the next level! Bank of the Rockies’ Cash Management Services offers a complete solution to help your business manage its finances quickly, easily, and securely. With Cash Management Services, you can conduct real-time transactions including:

  • View account balances and transactions.
  • Make loan payments.
  • Transfer funds between your accounts.
  • Initiate wire transfers.
  • Submit tax payments.
  • Stop payment on a check.
  • Initiate one-time payments.
  • Initiate outgoing electronic file transfers (ACH) for periodic credit transactions, i.e. payroll.
  • Initiate incoming electronic file transfers (ACH) for periodic debit transactions, i.e. monthly dues.
  • Grant access to employees, accountants, or bookkeepers.
  • Establish access and authority levels specific to each user and/or account.
  • Set access times specific to each user.
  • Export transactions into supported accounting software, i.e. Quicken, QuickBooks, Money, and Excel.

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